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1. What is a Company?
A company is a legal entity registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956 and it is legally distinct from the directors or share holders.

2. What is a Private Company?
A Private Company is a company registered as a private company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 with a minimum of 2 members and 2 Directors. The maximum number of members in a private company is restricted to fifty.

3. What is a Public Company?
A Public Company is a company registered as a Public company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 with a minimum of 7 members and 3 directors.  However there is no restriction on maximum number of members.

4. What does the word Limited indicate?
The word Limited in the of the company indicates that
Liability of the members of the company is limited to the extent of their shareholding in the company. The shareholders of the company will not be personally held liable for the liabilities of the company.

5. How to select a name for the company?
The name of a Private and Public Company shall end with the words "Private Limited" or "Limited" as the case may be.

6. What are the guidelines for the selection of the name for a company?
As per the Guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the company should have certain levels of Authorised Capital to include certain words in the name of the company. They are as follows:

1 Corporation 5 Crores
2 International, Globe, Universal, Continental, Inter-Continental, Asiatic, Asia being the first word of the name 1 Crore
3 If any of the key words at 2 above is used within the name (with or without brackets) 50 lakhs
4 Hindustan, India, Bharat Asia being the first word of the name 50 lakhs
5 If any of the key words at 4 above is used within the name (with or without brackets) 5 Lakhs
6 Industries / Udyog 1 Crore
7 Enterprises, products, Business, Manufacturing 10 lakhs

The name should also indicate the nature of the business of the company in brief.

7.  What is the Authorized Capital of the company?
The Authorised Capital of a company is the upper limit of the share capital authorised by its memorandum of the company.

8. What is the minimum Authorised Capital required for a company?
Private companies should have a Minimum Capital of Rs.1 Lakh and a Public Company should have Minimum Capital of Rs.5 Lakh for registration.

8. What is the MOA?
MOA is the Memorandum of Association, by which a company is registered. It contains name of the company, state in which the registered office of the company is situated, objects of the company, capital and subscribers/ promoters/ first shareholders of the company.

9. What is the AOA?
AOA is the Articles of Association of the company. This document defines the bylaws of the company.

10. What is the registered office of the company?
The registered address of a company is called registered office. A Company has to file notice of registered office in Form 18.

11. What is CIN?
CIN means Corporate Identification Number to identify a company in MCA web site.

12. Forms to be filed with MCA?
Company Law prescribes filing of forms based on some events, period in a company.
These forms are electronic forms.

Form 1A
Form 1A is the name application form. Incorporation of a company starts with filing of name application. Registrar of Companies, verify the name application and confirm the availability based on the name approval guidelines.
Form 1
Form 1 is the statutory declaration to be filed at the time of incorporation of a company. This form accompanies, MOA & AOA.
Form 32
Form 32 is the return of appointment/ cessation of Directors/Secretary of the company.
This form is filed at the time of registration/ change.
Form 18
Form 18 is the notice of situation of registered office. This form is filed at the time of registration/ change of address.

13. What is registration Fee?
The Fees payable for registration of a company is registration fees. These fees will vary on the basis of authorized capital.

14.  What is Certificate of Incorporation?
Certificate of Incorporation is a certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies upon registration after being satisfied with the documents for company formation filed by the company.

15. What is Certificate for commencement of Business?
This certificate is applicable to public companies. Before commencing operation, every public company has to file Statement of Lieu of Prostrates and obtain Certificate for commencement of Business

16. What is Statutory Meeting?
Every public company need to convene a meeting of shareholders with in 6 months from the date of registration.

17. What is AGM an EGM?
AGM is Annual General Meeting. Every company is required to convene a meeting of shareholders in each year. EGM is Extra Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders of a company. EGM may be convened for taking some emergency decisions from shareholders of a company.

18. What is a common seal?
Company is a legal person and company can not sign any document like a natural person. Company is executing documents through an impression seal and the same is called common seal.

20. What is Share Certificate?
Share Certificate is a certificate issued to a share holder for evidencing his share holding in a company.

21. What are the documents/information to be submitted to you for registering a company?

We need the following documents to register a company on your behalf:

1. Four alternative names for the company.
2. Name, Date of birth, Fathers name, occupation and full address of each promoter director.
3. Name, Fathers name, occupation and full address of each promoter share holder.
4. Address proof and identity proof.
5. Main objects of the company.
6. Four pass port size photo of each promoter director.
7. Registration Fees, Stamp charges and our professional charges.
8. Proposed Authorised Share Capital of the company.
9. Name of the person to be designated as the Managing Director for the proposed company.
10. Any other specific clauses to be included in the MOA or AOA.